1. and when the laundry was done i was afraid to go home

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  2. Sometimes you go to dinner with your boyfriend at his ex-girlfriend’s and tell them to get back together.

    And that’s OK.

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  3. Everyone says it isn’t my fault, but it 100℅ is.

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  4. yesterday, i was thinking i was ready to have kids. 

    and then i killed my cat with carelessness,

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  5. I’d always assumed it was the drugs that had made me feel so greasy, but it turns out it’s just the sleeplessness.

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  6. decided, last night, it was time I picked out a therapist

    so, of course, my health insurance web portal was down for maintenance

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  7. Antisocial

    Am I bad for people? Do I leave a wake of destruction in my path? Do I hurt the ones I love the most?

    I say I don’t do it on purpose, but here we are again, so maybe I’m kidding myself.


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  8. sometimes, being with people is the loneliest feeling of all.

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  9. patients. patience.

    i just wish they’d call my mother by the right name.

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  10. and, in the inevitable trainwreck that is every NYE with a significant other ever, let the fighting commence

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  11. breakfast of champions

    first, it’s lift up the fork, open your mouth. then, it’s chew. you have to chew. you have to keep chewing.

    but then, all of a sudden, you’re crying, with a mouth full of eggs. and what the fuck are you supposed to do with that?

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  12. today, i learned that former coworker died two weeks ago. i last spoke to him a month ago today. he had cancer. i didn’t even know.

    why am i so bad at people?

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  13. greetings

    got a christmas card in the mail from my department manager.

    what it says is “merry christmas” but what i see is “i managed to take my whole family on a tropical vacation and grossly under compensate you all in the same year.”

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